6 Tips For Cleaning Out Your College Apartment

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You've finally received your hard-earned degree, but your work isn't quite over. You might be surprised by the amount of junk you've managed to accumulate over 4 years of studying, partying, and accepting unwanted furniture from well-meaning relatives. Now it's time to get ready for the next phase of your life, which means cleaning out the college apartment.

1. Make a Plan with Roommates

It's much easier (and more fun) if you clean out your college apartment with the very people who helped mess it up. If you live with roommates, schedule a weekend during which you'll prepare the unit to be turned over to the leasing company.

Ask other friends and family members to help, too. Make it worth their while by providing pizza, soft drinks, and snacks, or schedule an outing afterward, such as dinner at a favorite restaurant. 

Before your actual moving day, sit down with your roommates to make important decisions, such as:

  • Which furniture belongs to whom
  • How you'll handle the last month's rent, return of security deposit, and other details
  • Who is responsible for any damage to the apartment
  • Whether you'll need a significant volume of junk removal

2. Rent Disposal Bins

Years of take-out meals, discarded drafts of papers, and other college detritus will leave you with a mound of trash. Rent disposal bins to make cleaning out your college apartment a little less stressful.

Create piles as you work through the apartment:

  • Trash for disposal
  • Donation for local charities or organizations
  • Keep to move to new housing

Appoint yourself or someone else as the disposal manager; it's his or her job to transfer the "trash" pile to the disposal bins outside. Creating jobs for every participant will make clearing out your college apartment much faster.

3. Sleep On It

Graduating university is a stressful experience, especially if you're lining up job interviews or preparing to enter graduate school. When deciding what to keep and what to haul outside for trash, don't force yourself to make a decision right away.

If you're not sure whether Aunt Edna's couch is worth the monthly storage fee, for example, give yourself some time to consider your options. Don't make any rash decisions you might later regret.

4. Hire a Professional

Don't haul all your furniture out to the apartment complex's dumpsters. For one thing, it's probably against the rules; for another, it could pose a safety risk in the parking lot. A better solution is to hire junk removal specialists from places like Ontario Trucking and Disposal for the job.

You don't have to shoulder the expense by yourself. Split the cost with roommates or with other college buddies in the same complex or community. You'll dispose of your junk lawfully, but you'll still graduate with some cash in your bank account.

5. Consider Your Changing Tastes

You've grown and evolved during your years in college, and your tastes have probably changed dramatically from that first night away from home. Honor those changes by discarding items that make you cringe every time you look at them.

Now that you've graduated, you're looking forward to your first "grown-up" apartment. You'll want to fill it with furniture and decor that represents who you are now rather than who you were right out of high school.

6. Don't Invest in Storage

Nearly 60% of Canadian college students graduate with more than $20,000 of debt. If you fall into that camp, you might be moving home with Mom and Dad until you can get on your feet financially.

In this case, don't insist on keeping every piece of furniture and decor in your college apartment. The storage fees will only add to your financial burden, extending the time until you finally move out on your own.

When cleaning out your college apartment, a junk removal service can make the process much less stressful. As long as you are organized and prepared, this shouldn't take away too much time from all the well-deserved graduation parties you're dying to attend.