3 Cool New Fireplaces That Might Work For Your Home

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Nothing is more nostalgic than a fireplace. When people think about incorporating them into their home design, they can almost smell marshmallows roasting and hear family members singing Christmas carols. Unfortunately, if you have shopped for a new fireplace recently, you might have been bombarded by a huge variety of new choices. It can be difficult to choose the right one for your home. Here are three new fireplace options, so that you can select the perfect dose of flame-kissed sophistication for your living room.

1: Electric Fireplaces

Do you love the look of glowing embers and dancing flames, but hate the amount of heat that is produced by most fireplaces? If you want to add a great looking fireplace to your space, but don't want to deal with opening the windows all winter while your family heats up the place, then you should think about electric fireplaces.

The flames of electric fireplaces are actually produced by special light bulbs that emit three-dimensional refracted light. These flames don't produce any heat, so if you are just after the ambiance of the fire, and don't want any heat, you can simply switch on the flame component alone. Electric fireplaces are also designed with a heating element that can be switched on or off, so that you can add heat to the space if you want to.

Because homeowners have the option of adding heat to their space or leaving it out, electric fireplaces are perfect for people that live in warmer climates, but love the look of a nice fire. Electric fireplaces are available in a huge range of sizes, colors, and flame patterns, so that you can customize the look to any home décor.

2: Energy Efficient Wood Burning Fireplaces

If you love the look and feel of natural, wood-burning fireplaces, but are concerned about efficiency, then you should think about installing energy efficient wood burning fireplaces.

Some wood burning fireplaces are designed improperly, which can lead them to produce less heat than they are capable of. Most wood fireplaces are only capable of converting 15% of the energy in wood to actual heat. This means that if you are relying on your traditional fireplace to supplement your heating bill, you might be disappointed when you actually fire it up.

Fortunately, more efficient wood burning fireplaces can help you to convert as much as 75% of that energy into heat. Efficient fireplaces are designed with more shallow internal boxes, which helps to reflect the heat that the fire produces into your home. Some efficient fireplaces also work to circulate air around your room differently, which helps to heat the space much more effectively.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace that doesn't seem to heat very well, think about working with a contractor to make it more efficient. You might be able to save some money on your yearly heating costs.

3: Gas Fireplace Inserts

Are you obsessed with a nice fire during the dead of winter, but hate the air pollution that ash and smoke cause in your home? If you crave the heat source but don't want to deal with the hassle of natural fire, then you should consider getting a gas fireplace insert.

Inserts are designed to slide right into existing wood burning fireplace spots, but work the same way as a traditional gas fireplace. Homeowners have the option of flipping on or off the gas flame, providing them with a super simple way to control the temperature and ambiance of their room.

Newer gas fireplace inserts have abandoned the fake blue flames present in traditional models, and now implement natural, realistic golden fires. These gorgeous inserts will blend in perfectly with any stone surrounding and mantle, and can dress up even the drabbest existing fireplace.

Adding a fireplace to your home is a great way to make the space feel high-end, while making the room more comfortable.