The Personal And Plumbing Benefits Of Soft Water

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In a contest of merits, soft water will win over hard water every time. Soft water offers personal and plumbing benefits that hard water lacks. While hard water isn't a health hazard, you should consider soft water as a better alternative. Here's why.

Soft Water is Good for Skin

If you currently use hard water for showering and bathing, you might notice the filmy residue it leaves on your skin. This is caused by the high mineral content in water reacting to your body soap. For most people, the residue dries, but doesn't irritate, skin. But for people with sensitive skin – especially children with delicate skin – it can promote itchiness and even rashes.

Using a water softener eliminates the minerals from your water source. This softened water cleans skin without leaving behind any residue. It helps alleviate irritated skin, as well. Once you start using soft water, you will notice that your skin doesn't get dry and itchy as easily as it did with hard water.

Soft Water is Good for Hair

Because hard water can leave skin dry and irritated, your scalp is at risk, as well. Hard water is one cause for an itchy scalp. It also affects your hair directly. Minerals in the water cause hair to become brittle. If you dye your hair, it will fade more quickly with the rough treatment of hard water.

On the other hand, soft water is beneficial to hair. It doesn't compete with shampoo or conditioner in the way hard water does. It complements your cleanser. Some people don't even use conditioner if they have a water softener, finding that the water itself does a better job of moisturizing and controlling their hair. As you use soft water, you will notice that your hair looks and feels healthier than ever.

Soft Water Tastes Better

If you use soft water in your kitchen, you will find that the flavor of your drinking water improves. Although water high in calcium and magnesium is not harmful to your body, it leaves a funny aftertaste in your mouth. It can also develop an odor as the water reacts with metals in your pipes. Soft water not only has no aftertastes, it has no odor either.

Soft Water Is Good for Clothing

Every time you wash your clothes, they get worn out a little bit more. If you use hard water in your laundering cycle, clothes are even more likely to show wear and tear. Just as it does with your skin, hard water is the cause for a filmy residue on your clothing. Laundry detergents are becoming more aggressive to combat the film left behind, but that means they are less gentle on your clothes.

Soft water eliminates the need for heavy wash cycles and tough detergents. Fabric lasts longer when soft water is utilized in your laundry. It leaves clothing feeling soft, without wearing away at the fabric or the color of your clothing.

Soft Water is Good for Plumbing

Finally, soft water is better on plumbing and appliances than hard water. With your hard water, you may have noticed that you have to clean rings out of your tubs and sinks regularly. These rings are caused by calcium and lime buildup from hard water. Your piping gets clogged more easily from the slimy buildup of hard water and soap. All these things combined mean one thing for you: more cleaning.

Because soft water has no minerals, it doesn't cause buildup in the same way as hard water. Pipes are less prone to clogs, and your showers and sinks won't get rings in them, either. Not only that, but because soft water diminishes buildup, your appliances will last much longer than if you use hard water. Not only do you save time on cleaning using a water softener, but you save money in replacing appliances.

Water Softener is the Best Choice

Because soft water benefits not only you, but your home as well, installing a water softener is your best option. The advantages will be apparent as soon as your water softener is working.